30 May 2013

May #everydayonabike Review

Nearly half of the year is over. I can't quite believe it. Five whole months of riding (nearly) #everydayonabike. After a rough start to the season, spring has finally arrived. Although I haven't been able to ride everyday yet, I have significantly increased my daily mileage this month. Last month, I barely broke 100 miles for the entire month. This month, I easily broke 200 miles (223 total miles). I wasn't able to completely give up a car this month, but I got pretty close. Many weeks, I only got behind the wheel once or twice - usually to run errands outside of my biking comfort zone (less than 5 miles).

I did increase my biking bubble a bit for meetings this month. Typically, I drive to meetings that are over 5 miles from my house. This month, I rode to several meetings over 5 miles away and even trekked down to the University of Denver once (8 miles one way). I'm getting more comfortable riding longer distances and more familiar with the city's bike routes, which helps out on longer rides.

Here's the rundown for May:

63 total photos // 25 photos posted by me // 38 photos posted by others 
10 contributors // 27 out of 31 days on the bike // $52 in gas savings

Thanks to everyone who contributed this month!

@bemorelocal // @mrsweichbrodt // @runbobbierun // @obc_benson
@allmybrush // @emfritz // @timaides @simplybike // @claireelaine // @frauwein

The biggest challenge for me now is taking a picture everyday - riding everyday seems to be the easy part! Although I would love for June to be the first month that I ride everyday, out-of-state (and country) travel plans probably won't allow for that. 

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