28 May 2013

Memorial Day Weekender

What a whirlwind - and wonderful - weekend. Even though we had an extra day, we didn't get much down time.

Although the kids consistently wake up after 7 on weekdays, they have started waking up before 6:30 on weekends. As a result, we got an early start on our first camping trip of the year. We met Nate's parents and brother near Buena Vista in the Collegiate Peaks - one of my favorite areas of the state. There happened to be a paddle board festival at the river that runs through the city, so we all got to try out paddle boats and Benny went out on a kayak by himself!

Benny is a camping pro and has been for three out of five years of life. Lila is still getting the hang of it. She has some issues running away from us toward the river and walking too close to the fire. But, she'll get there. I'm sure of it. Going camping with Nate's family is also spoiling me. They have a pop up camper and I get to sleep inside with the kids.

We raced back home on Saturday so we could spend a few hours with some old friends from Iowa State who were in town for a wedding. Always good to see them. Nate dedicated most of yesterday to the deck, which means that I dedicated the day to hanging out with my kids and the neighbors' kids. The deck is coming along, but we have a substantial portion left to finish. We capped the weekend off with a BBQ with friends.

And now the house is a mess and I have a load of work to do. Here's to long weekends with friends and family. Happy (almost) summer!


marci said...

Oh! I'd love to know where you camped. We are so ready to hit the woods this summer. We haven't camped with our children yet, so I would love advice on that if you have any!

I've enjoyed catching up on your blog! It inspires me to get back to regular blogging!

Introduction to Media & Culture said...

Marci, thanks for the comment! We've camped at quite a few great campgrounds (and some not so great) with the kids. This was at the Collegiate Peaks campground near Buena Vista. This was a great campsite! You've inspired me to write a "camping with kids" post! We actually didn't start camping with Benny (our oldest) until he was 2. Lila was a little younger - about 1.5. I was afraid of camping with babies - and I'm not sure why. I'll post something soon!