28 July 2013

Celebrating Six

As I've written before, we aren't a family that throws big birthday parties. Mostly because I'm not the greatest at organizing them. But positive outcomes come with hosting small parties including less money spent on the actual party, being able to talk with all the guests, less gifts to deal with and happier kids (especially my kids who don't like a lot of crazy activity).

For Benny's party this year, I wanted to something small but big, if that makes sense. A small party with fun, inexpensive activities. I also wanted to incorporate a bike ride since most of Benny's friends ride now. Here's what we came up with - a Progressive Birthday Party Extravaganza by Bike.
  1. The four of us rode to the local park with all the fixings for a party - sandwiches, juice boxes, cupcakes and balloons.
  2. Four of Benny's friends and their parents met us there. They all rode their bikes.
  3. The kids played and participated in a quick scavenger hunt (they had to find things in the park - like a rock, squirrel, sand, etc., but the kicker was that they had to read the words).
  4. After eating and singing "Happy Birthday," we rode in a big group back to our house.
  5. The kids enjoyed a movie in the yard (Hotel Frankenstein) while the adults enjoyed some conversation time on the deck.
  6. The adults went home after the movie and the kids stuck around for a sleepover.
  7. When the kids woke up (early!) they dined on chocolate chip pancakes.
  8. Benny and I rode everyone home  after breakfast, carting their sleeping bags and clothes home in the Burley.
The party was just what I wanted - small but big. What's more, when I posted to the neighborhood Facebook page that I was planning a movie party for my six-year-old, but didn't have the necessary accessories for such a party, a handful of neighbors responded. One loaned me his 10-ft. outdoor movie screen and another had her husband bring home a projector from work.

When I asked Benny what his favorite parts of the party were, he answered: 1) scavenger hunt, 2) movie and 3) having a sleepover. And the most expensive thing about the whole party: Seven helium balloons.

Happy sixth birthday, Mr. Bear!


Simply Bike said...

Wow, what an awesome party! I'm really hoping to steal this some day when C's a little older. I'd love to do something similar and I think our neighborhood would really lend itself to it. You're one cool mom ;)


Introduction to Media & Culture said...

Your neighborhood is perfect for something like this! I loved incorporating the bike into the evening. It ended up being a really long party, but Benny said it was "sick" (translation: really, really cool), so I guess we succeeded in making him feel special.

marci said...

such a fun party! i love it!

Eunice said...

That's a party I'd like to attend! How fun. I like that you had activities for both kids and adults and lots of bike riding. I'll have to keep this in mind as my kids age.