31 July 2013

#everydayonabike in June/July

The past two months have zoomed past. In less than a month, school will be back in session and summer will be over.

I've been riding everyday - or almost everyday, as usual. It's been more challenging in the summertime due to travel around the Midwest and western Colorado. And I've been forgetting to take pictures. But a bunch of awesome people have been filling in the holes! It's been so much fun to see everyone's biking pictures over the past seven months. In fact, the #everdayonabike tag now has 415 photos of people on bikes. That's right, we've collected far over 365 photos in a far less than a year. Now I'm wondering if we can collect 800 photos by December this year?!?

I didn't include all of the photos from the past two months. But I did include the highlights:

Making my first Target run by bike (7 miles one way) // Benny's last day of school
Getting prepped for a wedding weekend // Riding in Calgary
A hot, sweaty ride in 100-degree weather // Our first picnic in the park
Jazz in the park on a stormy evening // Riding with a friend in Iowa
Enjoying a kid-free few days // Noticing a fountain for the first time // Making my first grocery run
Enjoying an evening ride // Getting my riding buddy back // Our first visit to the Little Free Library
Benny's birthday extravaganza // Running important errands

Looking at all these pictures is a reminder of how great summer has been! Here are the impressive two-month stats:

115 photos posted // 15 contributors // 35 posted by me // 198 miles (recorded - I think there were more)

And thanks so much to everyone who played along!

@simplybike // @jentown // @bemorelocal // @elissabrodt // @shaggybrownie
amaksymo // @murawski21 // @runbobbierun // @cathope // @ashleynicoleaddison
@thepiripilexicon // @bicyclesinnewcastle // @obc_benson // @timaides // katiesnider

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