27 June 2008

My Life, According to Google

Last night was a slow night. Nate went to a show. I was supposed to stay at home and get some stuff done. Rather, I started working on Benny's birthday present. I'm putting together a book about his Grandma Barb who passed away six months before he was born. It was tragic, but I digress.

I was having problems getting my photos uploaded to the site where I'm making the book. So, I decided to mess around on the internet instead. After watching all the new movie trailers (for anyone who wants to kill time, check out movies.yahoo.com or trailers.apple.com for endless hours of entertainment). Then I visited all the crappy celebrity sites to see what was going on in Hollywood. Then, in a fit of complete boredom coupled with narcissism, I googled myself. Yes, I googled myself. And if you've never done it before, you should. There is stuff up on the web about myself that I have completely forgotten about.

My life, according to Google, goes something like this:

  • In college I won a few awards for writing. Mostly, though, my newspaper articles appear in the entirety, much to my dismay. I wasn't the most talented writer back then.
  • My times for random road races I ran when I was much younger are posted. They make me feel slow. And old.
  • Weird work stuff is posted too. Like a grant I wrote when I worked in Des Moines for some Canadian foundation. The newsletter I edited when I was in grad school. The journalism institute where I taught high school journalism teachers how to teach journalism (what? how did I get that job?).
  • I am proud to say that some of my current work is up there too. I can actually google myself on Google scholar and get some hits.
It turns out that there are other "Sara Struckman"s out there as well. Like the one who planned cheap spring break trips or the one who hyphenated her name: Sara Struckman-Johnson.

Most surprisingly, however, was that my name turned up in someone else's blog. I was a little disconcerted when I found my name on the blog entitled the "Carlson Caravan." Turns out that this couple, who also graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, used to write in bogus letters to the editor. I vaguely remember this from my tenure as the opinion page editor. We never actually printed the letters, but we did respond to them. I have much more to say about this ordeal, but Benny is ready for bed and I don't think Nate is doing much to help him out. Regardless, check out this link: http://kristi-carlson.blogspot.com/2008/06/more-treasure-letters-rick-and-i-sent.html

You'll see my mug. Scary.

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