23 June 2008

Security Blanket

After over a month of sleeping with a special blanket, Benny has finally developed an attachment to one of Nate's old blankets. Benny usually falls asleep without a problem, but every now and then he hates to be in his crib. He'll scream for a few minutes and then settle into his pre-sleep chatter. It seems that now he enjoys the blanket. He's often wrapped in it by the morning or holding it in his hand or sleeping on it. It's nice to know that it comforts him - or so I think.

The whole security blanket got me wondering: Do I have a security blanket. Not in the literal sense of course, but something that comforts me in not-so-comfortable situations. Then I realized: It's Nate. We're looking for houses now. It's a big undertaking and a big commitment. We could move into a place that's not quite perfect, but I would be OK with it because I know that Nate and I could figure it out. He's great to have around in new places because he has a great sense of direction (even though he doesn't always pay attention).

I suppose people continue to acquire security objects throughout their lives. How else do we get through awkward uncomfortable situations? Except as we grow older, perhaps our security comes from friendships and relationships rather than objects. It's a nice, comforting thought.

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