28 April 2012

Breaking the Five-Mile Barrier

For nearly two years, I haven't been able to bring myself to run more than five miles. It was a mental barrier more than a physical one (although being out of shape didn't help). Well, I broke the barrier today and ran six miles for the first time since... well, I don't remember when. On to seven next week!

As I was walking to start my run, a neighbor said hello and then said, "Every time I see you, I can't believe you had two babies." It was a nice, albeit awkward, compliment. I'm assuming that he meant: "Way to go! You're staying active even with two kids at home!" Whatever, I'll take it.

I  broke another "barrier" this weekend. It was more of a self-imposed cardinal rule - also completely mental. I rarely visit Target alone. Either the kids are with me or Nate is with all of us and we're stocking up on supplies like diapers, cleaning supplies, tampons. You know, the stuff that makes you feel really attractive. I have had a rule that I will not shop for clothes at Target - and not because I don't like Target clothes. It's more of a slippery slope: Once you start, you can't stop. Somehow I found myself at Target ALONE on Friday afternoon. And I figured a quick trip through the women's section couldn't hurt. Three shirts and one cardigan later, I emerged. I'm only about $30 lighter, but that's not the point. I broke the rule. Will I be able to stay strong the next time I go to Target? I suppose it depends on whether or not tampons are on the list and kids are in tow.

So long as the clothes make me look like I haven't had two babies, I guess I'll keep it up...


Katy said...

Target clothes are totally a slippery slope. I buy so much stuff there, it's crazy

Sara Struckman said...

Glad I'm not the only one!!! Slippery slope, indeed. I already have a wish list for the next time.