20 February 2009


It took residence in our house for a week. The three of us have been sick with the flu this week. Benny caught it this weekend. Then Nate was down for the count on Monday and Tuesday. I thought, maybe, just maybe I'd be spared. No such luck. It hit me like a pile of bricks on Wednesday. Yesterday I was nearly nonfunctional by about 5 p.m. Since this was the first time that we've had a "family sickness," I took observed a few key points:

1. Nate, although sometimes incredibly stubborn and occasionally lazy when it comes to housework, can really pull through when he needs to. He did all he could to take care of me and even cleaned the house last night after I went to bed. It was in shambles after a week of sickness.

2. I still use the tricks my mom used when I was younger and sick. There is no better cure than a glass of Sprite on ice. It can take care of sore throats, stomach aches, and many other maladies.

3. It can be difficult and downright frustrating to take care of a toddler while sick. Benny is starting his tantrum phase. While the tantrums can be hard to deal with while I am well, they are nearly impossible to deal with while ill.

4. I am incredibly lucky to have a healthy family and to be healthy myself. I dealt with sickness for a week. Some people deal with it for a lifetime. I should appreciate that more often.

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