08 February 2009

Phat Pat Drives to Denver

And stayed for less than 24 hours. Not surprising. I'm not sure if my parents drove straight home or stopped off in Sterling for the night. (I won't go into a long explanation about this here. See my post from July 25ish.)

I'm not writing to discuss my parents' visit. Rather, a great Phat Pat story came up while they were here. A friend of ours was in town to go skiing. She has met my parents and knows a little about the eccentricities of my dad. Nate asked if I had posted the Patism that had occurred on Thanksgiving. I had not. So here it is. It's a classic.

Nate makes fantastic mashed potatoes. Knowing this, my mom asked him to make them for Thanksgiving. Nate was finishing up the potatoes and was ready to transfer them to a large bowl. My mom gave him a plastic bowl. Just then, my dad entered the room and decided to "help" out. He suggested that Nate needed a metal bowl rather than a plastic bowl. My mom told him that she didn't have a metal bowl. To that, my dad answered: "Mashed potatoes taste better out of a metal bowl. Find the metal bowl, Jean." My mom left the room and Nate stifled his laughter. Although I wasn't there to witness this Patism, I have no doubt it occurred. It sounds just like my dad.

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