14 February 2009

Progress (on a Few Subjects)

Progress. I like writing about it. First and foremost, Benny's screaming-while-going-to-sleep phase seems to have been a short phase. After about five days, he is going to bed without screaming. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm glad that the phase didn't last any longer. He doesn't seem so attached to me any more either. We'll see what happens on Monday when I drop him off at the nanny's.

Progress on my dissertation is even better. I'm happy to report that I have drafts of six out of the seven total chapters written. I'm working on editing some chapters now. My adviser and I will touch base this week to discuss the two analysis chapters (I'm worried about these). The good news is that I should have a "working" draft of all of the chapters finished by the end of this month. I've been writing quite a bit lately...

BUT, there's progress on another subject - the brother-in-law experiment. Matt found a job. It's lightened the mood around here quite a bit. He still doesn't have a car, but he's not borrowing ours much anymore (his "alternative" form of transportation is still his girlfriend's car). That also means that when he starts this job on Monday he won't be watching Benny for me. It's been fantastic to have three hours to work during the day. I'm worried that without those chunks of time I'll be frantically working at night - not my idea of fun.

And that's all the news I have of progress for now. All outta progress at this point.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks. I'll post some very exciting news. Until then, I'll work on more progress!

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