05 April 2009

Mom Blog Brag

Nate Emsick, this entry is dedicated to you.

Someone, who will remain anonymous, apparently called my blog a "mom blog." While I would agree with this unnamed person, I do take the slightest bit of offense to that rather narrow classification. Granted, I started this blog to brag about Benny, but there are many aspects of my life that I share via this medium.

So, all that being said, I would like to brag for a moment. As all you faithful readers know, I had some concerns about Benny a few months back. I no longer have those concerns. However, as a mom, I'm sure other things will happen throughout Benny's lifetime. I will worry. I will write. And I will get over it. I'm not worried about Benny being autistic any more because his speech is developing quite normally. He's right where he's supposed to be. He understands us. He has many, many words (more than I can count now) and he puts two words together. It's amazing to see him develop like this.

Here's where I get to brag. About two months ago, Nate bought an alphabet and number set. The rubber letters and numbers were supposed to be bath toys. Benny started quizzing us on them, saying "is" (meaning, what's this). We would go over the alphabet several times a day. Pretty soon, Benny started naming letters and numbers by himself. Now, if he sees any letters, he identifies them. For example, he LOVES FedEx trucks and picks out the "X" and the "F" right away. And he's only 20 months. I'm not certain, but I think this is quite advanced for a 20-month-old.

Perhaps he will teach himself to read :). A mother can dream, right?

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April said...

I quite like your "Mom Blog"! Way to go Benny! :)