24 April 2009

I'll Tell You Why We Need Healthcare Reform...

A $3,000 deductible, that's why. I'm a healthy person. I run, I walk, I eat right. I haven't been to a doctor (aside from my annual exam) in ages. I think I had an ear infection in 2006. Seriously, that's the last time I visited a doctor. Nate's a healthy person. He exercises and eats right too. Benny is even healthy. Aside from his healthy baby visits, we've only seen his pediatrician once.

Because Nate works for a small company with relatively crappy health insurance, we pay $600/month to cover both Benny and myself (Nate's "free"). Yeah, that's right $600/month. That's $7,220/year. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy we have health insurance. But that seems a little excessive to cover three healthy people.

So, when I have complications with a pregnancy (something I can't control), we're responsible for paying $3,000. That's on top of $7,220/year we're paying for health insurance. This year we're paying over $10,000 in health costs. And if something happens to Nate or Benny, we'll be responsible for paying a portion of that.

I shudder to think about people who don't have insurance or who have less coverage than I do. I know it can be worse, much worse. Something needs to change here. I'm not sure if Obama's plan will help or not. But something definitely needs to change.

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