05 July 2009

Corn Flour and Happy Accidents

My brother Luke and his girlfriend Aman are in town for the weekend. That means one thing: Experiencing my brother's amazing feats in the kitchen. That kid sure knows how to make some mean grub. He pulled out his tortilla press last night and fashioned up some homemade corn tortillas for fish tacos. They were perhaps the best fish tacos I have ever consumed (complete with marinated fish - thanks, Nate - fresh salsa - thanks, Aman - and cabbage). Nate and I are convinced that we need a tortilla press now too.

When it came to breakfast this morning, Nate and I planned to stick with something more traditional: eggs and pancakes. However, when we checked the pantry, we were out of flour. Here's the happy accident: We had plenty of corn flour leftover from last night's feast, so we thought, "Hey, why not make pancakes from cornflower." THEY. WERE. AMAZING. We are wondering how we've lived 30+ years without experiencing the yumminess of corn flour pancakes. Here's the recipe, if you're so inclined:

2 cups MASECA® corn masa flour
1 cup Sugar
4 Eggs
2 tsp. Baking powder
¼ cup (40gr.) Butter
1½ cups Milk

In a bowl, mix together MASECA, eggs, baking powder, sugar, butter, and milk; continue until all ingredients are well combined.

In a lightly greased skillet, cook each hot cake over medium heat on both sides for about one to two minutes or until ready.

Serve with butter, maple syrup, or marmalade of your choice.

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