12 July 2009

Learning Curve

Summer is in full swing now. We're enjoying the first bounty from our garden: lettuce and arugula. Yummy yummy salad greens. Unfortunately, we're nearly finished with both crops. We did manage to consume both harvests without much bug destruction. The cucumbers seem to be next, along with more tomatoes than we'll ever be able to eat.

We've learned quite a bit about gardening in our first year as green thumbs. The first is to stagger planting. For example, if we had staggered the planting of our two rows of lettuce, we wouldn't feel like we need to eat massive salads every day for two weeks. Rather, we could eat medium-sized salads for a month. My garden goddess friend, Caley, was in town this weekend and taught us many tricks for gardening.

She also accompanied me on not one but two shopping excursions (the first was cut short by The Bear - he's not the best shopping companion). I spent a good chunk of change on a new work wardrobe because ... I'm starting my new job tomorrow! I've never owned sweater sets and slacks in my life. There's a first time for everything.

Benny and I will both be dealing with a learning curve tomorrow. It's his first full day of day care as well. Eek. I'm excited for both of us, but very nervous just the same. We may have a long period of adjustment in front of us!

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April said...

Good luck! I cant wait to hear how your first day turned out and Benny's too!