09 September 2009

Goodbye Summer, My Old Friend

Where have you gone, friend? No more dog days of summer. No more sunny evenings. From here it's leaves changing, snow falling, and the monotonous days of winter. OK, I'm being slightly dramatic.

We celebrated the end of the season with a weekend in the mountains with Papa Knucks, Kat, and Uncle Matt. Nate's dad and his dad's new wife were driving through for their honeymoon. We met them by Buena Vista and camped for two nights. Benny, as always, proved that he is the perfect mountain baby. We even took him swimming at the hot springs. It turns out that he's also a water baby. He got used to the water pretty quickly and then didn't want to get out. Sadly, this is the first time he's been in an actual pool. And now summer is over :(.

So, we move on to fall. The leaves will change, the temperature will drop, and we'll look forward to everything the season has in store for us (a trip to San Francisco and the wine country, visits from friends, building a fence, designing a new kitchen!).


Katy said...

In about a month you can walk around park hill, smell the fireplaces burning and the crisp air and look at all the pretty houses at dusk. Ahhhhhh, happiness. PS tell Nate that I am BLOWN AWAY that he took those images on flickr with a Rebel. Never seen pictures so crisp and perfect from that camera. They're awesome!

Anonymous said...

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