16 November 2009

Abrazos y Besos

Benny has never been too keen on giving hugs and kisses. He would reluctantly dole out kisses at bedtime, but otherwise, this type of cuddling and physical contact was limited. Until... Until the ladies at daycare taught Benny how to say "kiss" in Spanish. Now if we ask for a besos, Benny gives us several. I think I got 20 besos yesterday. A record for sure.

Since Benny seemed more open to Spanish kisses, I thought he may be partial to Spanish hugs too. When we were at my parents' this weekend, I asked my brother for the word for "hug." Now Benny is happy to give up an abrazos no matter what he's doing.

The really funny thing about all of this is that Benny is just now getting into saying goodbye to people. But, he's more likely to say "arrivederci" than the English counterpart.

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Katy said...

That Benny... so worldly!