27 November 2009


If you don't know what that is, consider yourself lucky. A sawzall is a small saw-ish tool that supposedly can cut through anything. Including the part of the kitchen cabinets we're removing. It's not a pretty sight or sound. It provides a reality check for what we're about to do: Turn our kitchen into a construction zone. A messy, dirty (de)construction zone. I'm still not sure I'm prepared for this.

The upside is that we received our new sink from FedEx today. It's a beaut. I can't wait to rip the nasty old maroon one out. We won't even wash dishes in that sink because it's so disgusting. The new back door is all but ordered. We've decided on a lovely fiber glass door. Cheaper than wood, looks better than steal. The best of both worlds perhaps. Next up: A new faucet tomorrow. The construction officially begins on Monday.

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