10 November 2009

Terrible Twos (and Three Months)

Holy moly! Benjamin Jasper Brown has officially entered the terrible twos. He started in on the massive tantrums after we returned from California and hasn't really stopped since. He now says, "I want a timeout," and runs in his room and sits in his time out chair. Guess that strategy isn't the most effective.

His teachers at school also mentioned that he's started to say "no" to many of their requests. Great. He's doing it at school now too. This from the boy who has been extremely good at school. "Benny always has a good day," they say.

In more positive news, Benny now says that he's "two and three months" when asked. I have no idea where he learned that, but it's pretty freaking cute. He can also correctly identify his right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot, and on and on and on. He jumps with two feet and climbs many things (including his changing table).

So, I guess these are the growing pains we need to get through for the next few months or years. Little stinker.

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