06 May 2010

Spring Break: Good for the Soul

For the past six years, three college friends and I gather for a weekend to recharge, reconnect, and bask in the glow of good friendship. One of my friends calls us her "strong ladies." And I would have to agree. We met at Iowa State while I was there for a year. They are amazing, smart women. Jayne graduated last year with her JD from the University of Nebraska. Smaifeld has a PhD in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin. Katie is a talented dietician - and so much more. Jayne lives in Minneapolis, Smaifeld lives in San Francisco, and Katie lives in, wait for it, Bejing. This year we met in Minneapolis. It was a fantastic weekend of food and conversation. It's good for my soul. And now I'm counting down for next year's spring break, wherever that may be!


Katy said...

I assume these girls are the ones who were out in Denver a couple years ago? The ones who were here when me and scott moved in, so we assumed the apartment was a "chick's den" and Nate was just the boyfriend livin' it up.

Lipstick Jungle!

Sara Struckman said...

You assume correctly! That story still cracks me up - I even told the girls about it this year.