07 October 2010

Book Review: After the Plague

I stumbled upon a new fantastic author at the library last week. Apparently everyone knows about T.C. Boyle except me. He's sarcastic, serious, funny and writes really, really well. I picked up a collection of his short stories called After the Plague when I was at a loss for books at the library. Our local library is great for children's books, but it's not so great for adult books. I've taken to picking out books published by Penguin. They are generally good books.

Turns out that T.C. Boyle is fantastic. After the Plague was full of stories about inherently flawed individuals. Some of the characters ended their stories tragically (a few ended in murder), some ended with a hint of humor. They were all compelling and had some interesting parallels to real life.

Lila and walked to the library today and picked up another Boyle book.

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