13 October 2010

Lila: Week 2.5

Well, we are officially a family of four now. Benny is back from Nana and Papa's and we're all trying to live as harmoniously as possible with each other. I'm happy to report that everything is going relatively smoothly. Benny isn't very interested in his sister, but he's not acting out ... yet.

Our big sleeper has decided to go on a sleep strike at night, however. She started her strike on Sunday night and is holding on tight. I'm definitely not excited about this new development. The poor girl has gas and a snurgly nose, so she often wakes up after falling asleep and needs comfort. She and I are now sleeping in the basement so Nate and Benny can get some rest. I'm also guessing that she's going through her two-week growth spurt because she's eating every 1-2 hours. That's a lot of breast time.

She is gaining a lot of weight. Her cheeks are now chubby and she's getting little rolls on her thighs. She's also able to focus on my face and her eyes don't cross. These brain synapses must be connecting!

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April said...

I cant wait for lots more pictures! Congratulations again!