11 January 2011

First Day

Today was Lila's first day at daycare. I cried when I dropped her off. Although I know that I do not want to be a stay at home mom (I would be horrible at it), I hate that someone gets to spend so much time with my kids when I go to work. With Benny it's not so bad because I can see that he loves his time at school and has blossomed because of it. I still miss him, but he is so much more engaged at school than he ever would be at home.

Lila, though, Lila is only three months old. This is all she'll ever know. This is all I'll know of her life. Boo.

I do have to remember that I'm lucky that I can stay at home with her two days a week. That's more than most moms get. With that, I better get back to work and earn my keep.

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