09 January 2011

No, Mr. Tweedy, I Will Not Make Out With You

OK, that's not true. I would make out with Jeff Tweedy - in a metaphorical sense only, of course. Nate and I went on our second date night since Lila was born last night. We had a nice dinner and then saw Tweedy perform solo at the Boulder Theater. This is the tenth time we've seen Wilco/Tweedy perform. And he didn't disappoint. I do love the music so much.

He ended the show with a Radio Head song and then performed a song without any amplification. It was fantastic. We were in the 13th row, so we could hear and see EVERYTHING. Plus, it was a sit-down show. I'm old enough now to prefer sit-down shows. No more moshing for me!

Back at the house, Benny didn't give the babysitter any trouble, but he did report that Lila cried "a lot." So much that Benny didn't get any bedtime stories. Poor Benny. Luckily, she was asleep by the time we got home and only woke up once. After going to bed at 1 a.m., I was appreciative of that!

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