04 June 2011

Unmedicated, Take 2, Part 1

In between Benny and Lila, I had a molar pregnancy. It's not a miscarriage because there is no fetus. But, it's a random thing that can happen when the sperm fertilizes the egg, but the egg is "blank," or doesn't have any chromosomes. The molar pregnancy was a total surprise. We found out in January 2008 that I was pregnant. I thought everything was progressing because I was gaining weight, having morning sickness, etc. It was at our 12-week appointment that we discovered that something was wrong because the midwife couldn't find a heartbeat.

I had a surgery to remove the placenta that was in my uterus. My body thought it was pregnant and went through all the motions. I had to wait a year to get pregnant again because the risk of abnormal cells growing was too high. So, we waited...

So many things had changed in our lives since that molar pregnancy. I finished my dissertation and graduated and got a job. Benny started daycare and we settled into our house. In the end, things worked out just right for us.

We were definitely ready to start trying again. I found out I was pregnant again just after New Year's 2010. A little scared - for many different reasons: Hoping that the pregnancy was viable this time, wondering how we'd transition to being a four-person family, and whole host of thoughts. But mostly we were thrilled.

My insurance situation had changed in the interim as well. No longer on Nate's insurance, I had switched to Kaiser when I started my job. Since Kaiser in an HMO, having a baby at the birthing center would have been expensive. I had heard some good things about Kaiser, including their staff of nurse practitioners and midwives. It was a difficult decision because I had had such a great experience with Benny at the birthing center, but in the end, I figured I could go natural at the hospital.

To be continued...

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