24 August 2011

Lila: 11 Months

Lila doesn't officially turn 11 months until Saturday, but I figured I'd post something before I forget all about it. At (nearly) 11 months, Lila is:

Standing by herself, without the assistance of a couch or box or chair. She sort of squats and then pops up. Walking with assistance and LOVING it. I put her in shoes for the first time ever today. Yesterday she was stuck walking on the sidewalk with no shoes and I figured I should do something about that. Eating only food she can feed herself. We've had to get really creative with what we give her because she still only has two teeth! Drinking one cup of cow's milk out of a sippy and not a bottle. That means we're down to two bottles a day! Demanding that she play with the big kids at daycare rather than stay in the baby room. Babbling all of the time. Pointing. Smiling and waving. Climbing all over us. Hugging. Dancing!!!!

Benny and Lila are definitely interacting more now, which is really fun to watch. However, Benny is also experiencing some delayed jealousy and has been acting out a little. Whenever we're playing with Lila, he wants in on the action. It's unfortunately, but I'm guessing it will be short lived. Over the past six weeks, two friends have welcomed babies, so I think Benny is beginning to be more comfortable with the sibling concept. And I think he's secretly glad that Lila isn't a newborn any more.

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