07 August 2011

Happy Brule Day!

We attended Brule Day this weekend. Brule Day, as you might suspect, is a celebration of Brule. Unfortunately, as Brule shrinks in size, so does Brule Day. However, it's still a nice opportunity to connect with people who I do get to see very often, like old high school friends.

Nate drove my dad's red SSR and Benny got to ride along. He was pretty pumped because 1) he didn't have to sit in his car seat and 2) he got to throw candy! As the sign indicates, Brule celebrated 125 years this Brule Day. Brule is certainly looking its age at this point as more people have moved away than have moved to town.

I have such fond memories of Brule Day, from the parade, to the games in the park, to the coin toss, to the street dance. It was one of the few days I got to spend in town during the summer. We were usually helping out on the farm in one way or another, so to be able to hang out with my friends for an ENTIRE day was a real treat. It also meant that summer was winding down and school would start soon. My hope is that Benny and Lila enjoy it as much as I did. Based on Benny's positive reaction to Brule Day this year, I think we're heading in that direction!

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