29 November 2011

All Sorts of Stuff

It's been awhile since I've updated the blog about Benny and Lila's recent activities. Where to begin...

Lila started walking just before Halloween. Small steps turned into big, confident steps. Now she's walking all over the house. She rarely crawls any more. It was a quick transition that she's pretty proud about. After she turned one, she stopped eating. The change was nearly over night. I can only assume that she's not growing as much any more. Now she has eight teeth - after a lot of drool!

We reached a big milestone with Benny recently too. He's been potty trained for over a year now. However, he has been wearing a pull-up to bed. He's a heavy, heavy sleeper - never waking when Lila cries. We tried to go diaper-less several nights, only to find Benny sleeping in a wet pool. A wet bed didn't even wake him. We decided to wait it out rather than push it. About two weeks ago Nate forgot to put a pull-up on Benny. When Benny woke up dry, we all decided that maybe it was time to try underwear at night. He has been dry every morning since. I'm so proud of him!

Oh, and we attended kindergarten roundup about two weeks ago. Looks like Benny will be starting school next fall. I still have to process that.

And, just for you, photos from Thanksgiving weekend...

The whole Brown/Gregory gang.

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