17 February 2012

Book Review: An Object of Beauty

I'm striking out on book selections for book club. I'm pretty sure I suggested this book, or strongly supported its selection. I was really excited to read Steve Martin's newish book, An Object of Beauty. I loved his first book, Shopgirl. I have never read a man writing in a woman's voice so accurately captures a feminine character. It was a breathtaking book.

Martin tries, sort of, to do it again. He writes about Lacey Yeager, an art broker, salesperson, gallery owner, etc. She rises to fame, so to speak, in the New York City art world through her charm, cunning and attractiveness. To be honest, I disliked the character, the narrator, and the story. I was never really sure if the book was about the narrator, or Lacey, or was commentary on something larger.

The book did include over 20 reproductions of art and some great art discussion and history. The art reproductions were an asset to the book. And although the discussions of art were sometimes forced, I learned a lot about classic and modern art. I also learned a bit about how the art world works.

Apparently, the book is becoming a movie starring Amy Adams. I'm not sure she'll be able to make Lacey a worthwhile character or not.

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