09 February 2012

Life Around Here

Confession time: I have been about the worst mom in the world when it comes to pictures. I never have a camera out. And when I do, pictures never turn out well. As a result, all we have of the kids are lame-o posed pictures during events and outings. Gotta change that. (By the way, apparently I use this space as a sort of cathartic confessional. Strange.)

Even though I don't have pictures to prove it, we've been busy busy busy around here. Work life has slowed down a bit and I'm getting into a groove with my new schedule. I haven't had one ounce of time to develop anything (website, relationships, a PLAN), but I'm working on that.

Nate has been super motivated to get the house more furnished - after over three years of living here. In the past two weeks, we've acquired curtains and new bedding for our room, a comforter for Benny's room, a mirror for the living room and a breakfast nook for the kitchen. If I could keep my house clean for more than five minutes (and actually take pictures, see above), I'd post some pictures. Soon, I promise.

The kids have been busy too. After the foot and a half of soon last weekend, we were out on the sledding hill twice. Benny loves to sled. And so does Lila. She sits down and says "Alright!" as she waits for take off. Since I've adopted my new schedule we've visited the Botanic Center (twice), the Nature & Science Museum and the downtown library. We're also averaging one birthday party every two weeks or so.

Life around here is busy, but so good. And it's only going to get better once this snow melts and visions of spring start appearing (blossoms - can't wait!).

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