10 March 2013

(Day)light at the End of the Tunnel

The long, dark tunnel of winter is behind us. Nothing but sunny days ahead (particularly sunny days with the sun up until after 7:30!). I can't really imagine living somewhere without seasons. The build up to and the anticipation of spring is at a record high at my house. We have been counting down the days until we can go on bike rides in the evening again and play outside after dinner. Those days, my friends, are upon us. And, after this week, I think that I'll be able to consistently be able to drop Benny off at school by bike. The past two months or so have been too cold to walk or bike in the morning.

Nate and I were explaining the phenomenon of Daylight Savings (can it really be considered a phenomenon since it's man-made?) at dinner this evening. He said he was excited to use the extra daylight to practice fast bike tricks, which would be welcome since he's been pedaling exxxtraaa slow lately. Lila perked up and said she was excited to ride her balance bike. Since she hasn't seemed to interested in it before, we're going to harness this enthusiasm and get her balancing!

I'm excited for my class to be over. It's been a great class with some very good students, but the evening format has been hard for me. I'm thankful to have the class as a distraction that propels me from the holidays to the onset of spring. I'm also excited for more time to run, maybe start up yoga (again) and get caught up on everything that I've neglected over the past 10 weeks.

Yes, I think this spring is going to treat us very well. Hope you all enjoyed your extra hour of daylight today!

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