14 March 2013

Under the Weather

I had so many positive expectations for my life on the bike this month. I thought this might be the month that I could start riding every single day. Alas, March has proven to be trickier than I could have anticipated. First, the weather has been unpredictable with five (FIVE!) snow storms mixed in with 70-degree days. Second, I have been under the weather for over a week now. I finally made myself an appointment with my doctor yesterday to make sure that I don't have a sinus infection. It's likely not a sinus infection, but I still can't quite get back to normal. That I was able to ride 9/14 days is kind of amazing with all of these challenges.

BUT, I have high hopes for the remainder of the month. It looks like the coolest temperature will be around 55, which is totally do-able (especially considering that I was riding in 15-degree weather earlier this month). Classes are finished. The sun is up an hour later. I'm not immobilized by sickness. Yes, I think mid- to late March is looking mighty fine!

Don't forget to post your GREEN photos for an extra chance to win a copy of The Soup Peddler. I finally got around to posting to that theme in the past couple of days.

1 comment:

Ann Wyse said...

Bummer! Hopefully the good weather will bring better health for you. It's almost more frustrating to feel lousy when the weather's beautiful, right?