08 March 2013

Friday Never Looked So Good

I regularly "work" for the weekend. While I like my jobs and hanging out with my kids on weekdays, it's always nice to have a break and have Nate home during the day.

This all holds true for even the "easiest" week, but it's particularly relevant for this week. This week has been particularly challenging because Nate has been out of town for work and I was sick for the better part of two days. I was actually happy to be able to teach last night because it required less energy than hanging out with the kids for the evening. As awful as that sounds, it makes me realize that taking care of kids does take a lot of energy - mental and physical - and it's OK to need a break every once in awhile.

The good news is that I delivered my last lecture for class last night. Now I just get to look forward to grading final papers. Nate gets home this evening. And I'm feeling much better today. So, aside from a snow storm moving in tonight, this weekend is shaping up to be a good one.

Happy Friday to you all!

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