04 March 2013

#everydayonabike in Australia!

Cat Hope (@cathope) has been a regular contributor to #everydayonabike for the past two months. I long to post pictures like hers - sunny skies with lots of green foliage. Alas, she's in Australia, so she's enjoying (a very hot) summer right now.

I asked Cat to share a bit about her riding habits. And now I want to bike in Australia!

ss // What kind of bike(s) do you ride?

ch // I ride a a black Electra Amersterdam Royale. It is an 8 speed and I bought it brand new. It's like a Dutch bike meets a beach cruiser. I love it. I also still have the very old junky bike that got me back into cycling. I bought it as a test bike. A no brand, no gears, very poor back pedal braked ladies bike - I thought if I stick with that for awhile, I will earn a better bike for myself. And I did! It's now the "guests'" bike and often goes out on loan. I made sure my new one had a skirt, a chain chard and internal gears so it didn't effect what I want to wear.

ss // Where do you ride? How often?

ch // I try to ride everywhere! To and from my work most days - around 15-20 minutes each way so not that far, often accompanying my 8-year-old son to school on his bike on the way. Here in Perth it can get over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit!) (now), not great and exertion biking. I have a lot of meetings off campus (I am an academic/composer/musician) and ride my bike to those too. I have panniers for when I need to take lots of books or music. I also use (my bike) to get around to concerts in the evenings. Riding at night in summer is my favourite time to ride.

ss // Where do you live?

ch // Inner city Perth, Western Australia.

ss // How long have you been riding?

cc // After years of cycling as a school kid, and brief spates when I lived in Europe - I didn't ride for a long time. The memories of a double cog multi gear slips, greasy chain clothes munchers, racing handlebars and heavy school bags put me off. Also, there just weren't any good "ladies'" bikes to ride for awhile here, everything was too "sporty." But now there are a lot more choices and you can choose a bike that suits what you want. for me, I like to ride at my own pace (so I can drink a coffee at the same time if I so desire) and not have to make fashion sacrifices!

Thank you, Cat, for sharing a bit about your cycling! Also check out Cat's Tumblr of the Perth Slow Riders.

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