01 August 2013

The End of Summer

Here we are. August 1 already. I can't believe how quickly this summer has disappeared. And I know we still have roughly a month left of summer, but it's always hard to get to this point and not mourn summer a little. We still have lots of plans to round out the summer, including a trip to see my parents and family this weekend for the annual Brule Day celebration. I'll be spending the next two to three weeks working on my class stuff and meeting deadlines. Maybe that's why summer feels like it's over - it is for me.

But, I'll be riding riding riding. My goal is to ride everyday this month. I think I can finally do it! It will be like a birthday present to myself (along with a haircut and a pair of Frye boots I recently purchased - so beautiful).

Are you with me? Maybe we can make this a 30 Days of Biking, Round Two.

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