26 August 2013

First Grade

We started first grade with considerably less fanfare than kindergarten. It's not surprising, I guess. Benny's a pro at this - and I'm not an emotional train wreck. All good things. This year is so much different - we know the school and Benny knows most of his classmates - either through daycare, kindergarten or the play he was part of last year.

There were still nerves, but they weren't the kinds of jitters I remember having. In the weeks leading up to school, Benny would say his stomach hurt. We ruled out hunger, sickness and even gas pains. I think it was probably some anxiety about starting school, but he couldn't necessarily verbalize those thoughts. But when it came time to line up outside, he was more than ready to bid me adieu. I insisted on going inside (like the majority of the parents there) so I could meet his teacher and see his classroom. After a brief stay and an awkward hug with his sister, he was ready to be rid of us.

Benny's best friend from last year is in a different classroom this year. He's excited that they'll see each other on the playground and at afterschool care. We met up with some other first graders to ride our bikes this morning. I can't believe how big the boys look here.

I am changing things up a bit this year to (hopefully) ease the getting ready rush:

  • Have Benny pack his lunch the night before. I'm hoping that by giving him some responsibility with this task will mean that he will actually eat lunch.
  • Pick out everyone's clothes the night before. Even my own. I'm surprised by how long this takes me every single morning.
  • Wake up earlier. Like 30 minutes earlier. Getting the kids ready and myself ready in 45 minutes is not enough time.
  • Wake the kids up earlier. Ditto to the previous bullet. 
  • Put up a chore chart with the things Benny needs to complete before leaving the house - including getting dressed, putting shoes on, eating breakfast, making the bed and brushing teeth. 
Here's to a new school year and new responsibilities!

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