06 August 2013

Soundtrack of Summer

When I hear Dido, I think about the summer I spent in Montana. I fell in love with the mountains that summer and had a serious crush on a guy from Kansas. While the guy from Kansas is long gone, my love for the mountains remains. Dido's music always reminds me of that great summer - it was sort of my coming of age summer. 

Other music reminds me of other seasons of life - typically of summer. I'm not sure if it's because the longer days spent outdoor begs for a background soundtrack or if it's because those technicolor days are just easier to hold on to and savor. The summer Nate and I started dating, I introduced him to Wilco's album "Summerteeth." The summer before Benny was born, Nate and I fell in love with Devotchka. When Lila was a newborn, we had to dance with her to get her to go to sleep. She loved the beat of Toots and Maytals. Two years ago, the summer belonged to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes - and specifically "Home." Although we were also keen on "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele and anything by Florence + the Machine. 

This summer, our evenings have been filled with dance parties to the White Stripes and Daft Punk. Benny and Lila both request "Seven Nation Army" and rock out on their drums and guitars.

Benny loves the entire Daft Punk album. You should see his robot dance moves. Pretty sick (his description). And while "Get Lucky" isn't the most appropriate kids' song, we let him listen to it anyway.

While Benny typically gets really into the music and can hit a beat almost immediately, Lila is more into the performance aspect. As illustrated here:

What about you? Do you have a soundtrack of summer? What is it? And what does it remind you of?

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