22 March 2010

Baby, Baby, I Can Hear Your Heart Beat

Heard the baby's heart beat today. 154 beats/minute. That's one healthy heart.

I'm 13 weeks, three days today. I don't officially enter the second trimester until Friday, but I'm feeling very good. I have gained a bit more weight than I thought (although my clothes have been telling me otherwise). But, if that's the most pressing concern of the pregnancy, I guess I can deal with it.

Only six weeks, four days until we can find out what we're expecting - boy or girl. I've had a strong boy feeling - going as far as calling the baby a "he." But, it's not nearly as strong as the feeling I had with Benny. Plus, I'm not as tired this pregnancy and I've been craving sweets. According to old wives' tales, that means it's a girl. I can only wait and see.

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