04 March 2010

Music and Memories

Pandora is playing tricks on me this morning. First, I heard a live edition of "Yellow" by Coldplay. I was never a huge fan of Coldplay before seeing them in concert last year. Sure, their music is OK, but I couldn't say that it moved me. Then, my Pretty Girl friend came for a visit and we saw Coldplay perform at the Pepsi Center. I was converted. Chris Martin was a sexy little beast as he ran around the stage and sang his heart out. Of course, part of the memories are attached to the fun weekend I had with one of my best friends. Whenever I hear Coldplay, I think of that weekend.

Second, Dido appeared on the playlist. Man oh man, the memories rushed in. I became a HUGE fan of Dido when I lived in Montana. I had just graduated from college and moved to a former dude ranch outside of Philipsburg. Because I was clueless about what I wanted to do with my life, I accepted an internship at Project Vote Smart. The internship turned into a temporary full-time position. It was in the forests of Montana that I learned much about myself. I ran my first half-marathon. I hiked, I camped, I swam. I fell in love. A crazy, intense love. Dido was there when I fell in love. Dido was there when my heart was broken. Those six months were, by far, some of the most important of my life. My experiences in Montana have shaped many my decisions. I can't listen to Dido without thinking about that six months.

Music is amazing that way. Hearing certain songs or artists can bring me right back to a place and time. It can remind me of some of the happiest times of my life and some of the worst times. It also reminds me of how amazing my life is right now. I wonder what songs will stick and remind me of this time in my life and the happy/frustrating/moving/thoughtful memories I'm making right now.

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Katy said...

Love this post! I can't listen to Dido, Coldplay, David Gray or Sade without thinking of the early years of mine and scott's relationship. Ahhh the memories! I love how music can be so transformitive. Soak it in.