22 March 2010

The Kitchen: A Belated Update

I've been hesitant to post anything about kitchen progress in the past few weeks because, well, there hasn't been much progress. However, yesterday we hired a painter! In a week and a half he will come over and apply the final two coats of paint. But here's the kicker... The painter took all of our doors and is going to prime, sand, and paint them. Yay! We have been struggling to get those doors sanded and painted. It's such a time-consuming activity (for example, I spent three hours sanding six doors last weekend).

Nate's dad and step-mom will be here this weekend to help us prime the walls in the kitchen and paint the ceiling. While they're at it, we'll probably ask them to help finish up painting in the living room as well. I went shopping for curtains, chairs, and dining room tables yesterday and I have some excellent ideas. If we're lucky, we'll have a liveable home by this summer - just in time for BBQ season!

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