25 May 2011

Book Review: Sarah's Key

My good friend, Jayne, gave me this book shortly after Lila was born. I had intended to read it before I returned to work. Nearly six months later, I finally finished it. It was the perfect book for my schedule - short chapters, compelling story. It's set in Nazi-occupied France as well as modern day Paris. As a francophile, I love to read about Paris and France.

I did not know that the French government, under the control of the Nazi regime, rounded up thousands of Jewish people to be executed at concentration camps. The story, like all stories from the Holocaust, is disturbing and very touching. I always wonder how the Holocaust happened - how thousands of people could overlook the inhumanity of the such a large-scale torture and killing.

The book is good. It's not necessarily believable in all parts, nor is the ending at all realistic. However, it's entertaining and worth reading. I'm glad to have finished a book on my own time that got me revved up about reading again!

The book was also made into a movie late last year. Check out the trailer here. I'll probably watch it when Nate's gone for the evening at some point.

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