19 May 2011


Lila is crawling. Her movements are still quite rudimentary, but she can certainly move from point A to point B, if given the appropriate incentive (like stuffed animals, food, etc.). Sometimes she makes coordinated crawling motions, but often it's more like a lunge forward from all fours. She's pretty proud of this accomplishment too.

Watching her trying to crawl is hilarious. Often it's like watching someone completely uncoordinated do yoga. She ends up in the downward facing dog and has no idea how to get out of it. Table top is her favorite position and I can see her little muscles quivering as she plots how she'll put Elmo's leg in her mouth once she gets to him.

Baby proofing has never been a HUGE concern for us. Of course we do it, but not until it's necessary. I'm afraid that time has come. Benny's big boy toys are migrating to the basement and talks of baby gates are in full force. No more putting Lila on the bed for a minute or leaving the room while she's sitting, oh so innocently, on the floor. Our life has changed for good ... again! That beautiful little girl always keeps us on our toes!

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