26 May 2011

The List: An Update

Finishing Sarah's Key made me realize that I am one book closer to finishing a goal on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list. Fifteen books down, five to go (per #2). That also means I'm a wee bit closer to finishing another goal of writing a book review for all 20 books. Book reviews are good for remembering things about the book that I may not remember otherwise. I wish I had written a book review for EVERY book I've ever read. There are many, many that I have forgotten.

So, where am I at on my list of goals? Upon review, it seems that some of the goals are outdated or may need to be tweaked to reflect my current life situation. For example, hosting dinner parties is pretty much out of the question with two kids who go to bed before 8:30. However, we can host a mean BBQ, which is exactly what we did last Friday. We had three great couples over, which resulted in four boys and two little girls who could play together. Three "dinner" parties down, two to go. Also, my parents are now both 60, so organizing a birthday party for them doesn't make sense. However, I have been toying with the idea of getting them a really great "just because" gift to thank them for all of their support over the past few years. I'm still thinking...

I've been doing a pretty good job of writing my grandma AND sending her pictures of the kids (#18) and getting closer to my goal of six total letters (one to go). Nate and I will be traveling to Oregon this summer to attend a wedding. It won't necessarily be the most romantic vacation we've ever taken, but it will be fun - and that's romantic enough at this point (#67). The half-marathons in almost every city I have lived is probably a goal I won't reach (#79, 80), but I do plan to run another half-marathon in October and that might have to do. Nate is also very insistent that I buy new bras (I have one functional - and I use that term lightly - bra right now) and has gone so far as buying me a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret, so I'll accomplish goal #94.

Several goals will need some revision. For example, backpacking with Benny is do-able. But backpacking with Benny and Lila will probably need to wait a few years. I think we'll do it, but not in the time allotted. Fiddle classes, while that sounds fantastic, won't happen due to time constraints (and, quite frankly, lack of interest at this point). The metal vines on our awning will stay put for the time being because the awning will be up for the foreseeable future. We have decided not to plant Aspen trees in the front yard, but we will be planting other cool stuff there in the fall.

After reflecting on the list a little, I'll add one new goal: #102 - Revise the list to replace unattainable goals with new, more realistic and exciting goals.

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