10 October 2011

Recycled Halloween Costumes

The idea to re-use and recycle Halloween costumes isn't a new one. My mom did it and your mom probably did it too. We've been lucky enough to have generous friends pass along their costumes for Benny (and, by default, for Lila). It's made the past three Halloweens very easy for us. It wasn't until my friend Maggie mentioned a stat about Halloween costumes that made me think about the practice of buying costumes a real issue. She's contributing to this week's Green Means Go(od) post. Thanks, Maggie!

"6,250: the amount of landfill waste (in tons) that could be avoided if half of the kids in America traded Halloween costumes instead of buying new ones." Real Simple

I've known Maggie for over a decade now. Her husband and Nate went to elementary school together and have remained friends despite not having lived in the same city since high school. We love getting together with this family. They are so fun and down-to-earth. Enjoy the photos of her adorable kids!

1. What are your kids going to be for Halloween?
Henry is dressing up as Darth Vader. He received the costume in August for his birthday to be used for "dress up." He uses the costume almost daily for play. Isabelle is also dressing up as Darth Vader using an old costume of Henry's.

2. Have you re-used costumes before? Which costumes?
Yes. Isabelle is dressing up this year in one of Henry's old costumes. Last year, Henry was Woody from Toy Story. All we did was use his pajamas, which is kind of like re-using. Isabelle's costume from last year, a peace sign, was purchased from Once Upon a Child, a second hand consignment store in the Twin Cities.

3. What are your plans for Halloween?
We will trick or treat with another family. Since Henry was born, we have celebrated Halloween with the same family by joining them for dinner and trick or treating.

4. Any other thoughts?
It is my opinion that it is not necessary to buy new costumes for children. There are many second hand stores, families with previously worn costumes, and/or directions in books or online for making your own costumes. This year, national costume swap day is October 8th.

Check here for locations that are holding a costume recycling event.

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