24 April 2012

The Bob

Photo 1 - The bob.
Lila was born with a relatively full head of hair and never really lost it. I cut off a mullet at three months. She had amazing gravity defying hair from three months to five months (it stood STRAIGHT up and there was nothing we could do about it). It was short and adorable from six to about 14, but then became a long, tangled, stringy mess. I wasn't really prepared to cut it so early, but I didn't really see any option.

Wispy newborn hair.
Gravity-defying hair at about four months.
The perfect, manageable length at around one year.
The infamous "Bad Hair Day."

So, I made an appointment at the local kids' hair salon (we have one in our neighborhood - it's overpriced, but it's within walking distance). Benny was away for the week, which I figured would make managing a squirmy toddler getting her hair cut much easier.

Turns out that Lila was a pro. It didn't hurt that the whole experience was over in less than 15 minutes. I decided on a bob cut, which is perfect. Lila still has issues with her hair getting caught in her snot, but it's limited now! She's officially ready for summer. Just look at how adorable she is with a new haircut and a sun dress in Photo 1!

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