10 April 2012

Can't. Catch. Up...

Neglected. Do you feel it? I feel it. I've been neglecting all sorts of stuff in my life: my hair (the bangs are just a long nuisance now and I desperately need a hair cut all around), my bathroom (the toilet is not anywhere near sparkling white), my yard (helloooooo dandelions), my diet (can you say CARB OVERLOAD?). And obviously, this blog. Boy oh boy. I am a mess!

I don't have a good reason, other than I'm grossly-over committed. And by grossly, I mean that I can't keep up with anything besides the kids, work, and class. And I guess that's all that really counts. But, geez. I'm even skipping the book for book club this month. Not by choice, of course. By necessity. I'll probably still go for the discussion and wine though :). Don't worry, I do make time for socializing. It's the only thing that keeps me sane. That, and running. And I've managed to keep up with running - albeit only 3-4 miles at a time. Oh, and shaving my legs. Somehow I can fit that task in every few days. And thank goodness: bad hair and hairy legs - that's just about more than I can handle right now.

But, I do hope to post some fun photos and videos soon. Not until the end of the month though. We have three straight weekends of guests, plus helping with Benny's school's gala, plus reading for class, plus the daily grind. Promises are about the only thing I can give now.

The really bright spot for this week? Nate arranged for a babysitter on Friday so we can go see The Hunger Games. Who has two thumbs and is SUPER excited? That's right, this guy.

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