20 April 2012

Missing My Little Man

We are so lucky. One week a year (and sometimes every six months), Nate's dad and stepmom take Benny for a week. My parents do the same. For Benny, it's a real treat: A whole week of spoiling and being the only child again. For us, it's a treat too. We got to focus all of our attention on Benny for three years. Obviously as a second child, Lila has not enjoyed the same type of attention. Mornings are much easier. I can wake up and be out of the house in 45 minutes - as opposed to an hour and 15 minutes. Dropping off at daycare is much faster because I only have one stop. Dinner time is smoother because we aren't fighting with a stubborn little boy who won't eat his dinner. Mommy and Daddy alone time is much longer since Lila goes to bed at 7:30.

That being said, it's been busy week, so we haven't been able to dote on Lila as much as we'd like. And, having Benny gone for more than two or three nights makes me miss him terribly. He'll be back tomorrow and I'm counting down the hours (about 24).

The house has been quieter, but I miss his constant questions, his humming, his observations, his laugh. I miss his hugs and kisses. I miss tucking him in at night. I'm ready for my little man to come home!

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