22 April 2012

Prolonged Easter

Easter's not much of a holiday for us around these parts. It's a good excuse to smoke a ham and hide plastic eggs. This year we decided to celebrate a week early with some friends since we other friends would be visiting on Easter. We made a nice brunch and the kids hunted for eggs. Benny and Lila even wore their Easter outfits from Nana and Papa. End of story, or so we thought.

Benny woke up on Easter morning and asked if the Easter Bunny had come. We found ourselves creating an elaborate scenario about how he'd come the week before and that maybe he'd come back in a couple of weeks when Nana was in town. He wasn't quite buying it. And then we took our friends to Red Rocks for a mini-hike. The Easter Bunny was in the visitor's center handing out candy. That was enough for Benny.

My mom was in town this weekend and brought all sorts of loot that the Easter Bunny had "accidentally" dropped off at her house. That was sufficient for Benny. He got to hunt for eggs all over again and even got a new kite. Lila was just happy to have more eggs to break open. She LOVES candy. All in all, I think Easter lasted for about four weeks around here. A pretty prolonged holiday for one we don't celebrate!

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