25 April 2012

Summer Scheduling

It's already happening... Although we wanted keep this summer relatively open in terms of scheduling, weekends are already getting filled. And I know it will get worse. We're already booked for four weekends in a row starting in mid-May. Then we get a bit of a break before we'll travel somewhere for the Fourth of July (western Colorado or Iowa). July may be our only month to camp and spend some time in the great outdoors. August is booked up now too. And with Benny starting school in late August, this schedule thing is only going to get hairier through the fall.

The saving grace is that many of the weekends are filled with visitors to our house, which makes things a whole lot easier. So although things will be busy, I know that we'll be able to enjoy a few mojitos and other appropriate summer drinks in the new (new sod!) backyard. Can.not.wait!

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Simply Bike said...

When you say Iowa, do you mean the little town of your alma mater? If so, I'd love to meet up and have a mojito together in our back yard! Or at Cafe Baudelaire's :) We're going to be gone until late July though, so we might just miss each other. But if you're ever out here, you have to say hello!