25 April 2012

Parents' Night Out

As noted previously, I've been keeping busy this month. Life is busy enough with work and family and friends and exercising. But, I decided to help out with Benny's school's annual fundraiser. Although it was a lot of work and time, it was worth it now that it's over!

We had a great time! Nearly 200 people attended. The event was held at Maggiano's downtown in a gorgeous banquet room. I mostly worked on the silent auction, but also added a sponsorship component to this year's event. We raised over $1,000 in sponsorships, which isn't great, but it's a start. It was also fun to work with some of other parents I didn't know very well.

The event grossed nearly $20,000 (and netted about $16,000)! Not too shabby for an event organized by three volunteers in about two months (with the help of countless others and many donations by parents and local businesses). And everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. Nate's band even made an appearance - a great way to end the night!

One of the fearless leaders, Megan, at the Card Game table.
Sherri, the executive director at the Children's Center, on the right.
Two of Benny's teachers, Lacey and Staci.
Fearless Leaders.

SWEET CORN! Can you spot Nate's bass face?
Peter, Benny's teacher, in the middle.
Like a Prayer, performed by Kara.


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