19 June 2012

Book Review: The Family Fang

Now that I'm not reading for classes, I have a surprising amount of time. I guess I didn't realize how much time I spent preparing for class. Pretty much every spare minute.

The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson was a great way to ease back into recreational reading. My book club chose it from the 2011 Summer Book List on NPR. Why not the 2012 book list, you ask. Because the books from 2011 are now a year old and can be purchased used for cheap.

Anyhoooo... The Family Fang is a story about a family of performance artists. They are dysfunctional and weird but tied together by their art - even if the kids wanted to leave the art behind. The ending was a little rushed and unexpected but expected. But it was an easy, fast read. There's a reason it was on a summer book list.

Turns out that the book is being adapted to a movie with Nicole Kidman (as the mom).

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